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Water Damage Repair Services

London, Surrey, Kent, Berkshire & Hampshire

Has your property suffered from water damage?

If your home or business has suffered any degree of water damage, Image Construction can provide expert water damage repair services, bringing it back to the highest level of quality.

We appreciate the frustration and emotional distress that is experienced in the aftermath of your property suffering a flood. We work quickly and efficiently to complete all necessary repair and refurbishment work so that your life can get back to normal with minimal delay.

Whether it is the result of a burst pipe, faulty appliance, extreme weather conditions or the extinguishing of a fire, water damage can have a devastating effect on your property. Because of water’s ability to penetrate walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, textiles and almost all surfaces, it can cause an incredible amount of damage, much of which is not visible.

If it is not remediated property water damage can cause extensive damage that may result in serious issues in the future. Timber frames can rot as a result of water exposure, potentially compromising the structural integrity of the building. Electrical wiring and fittings can become faulty and unsafe. Water damage also causes dampness and promotes the growth of mould, both issues which can have a negative effect on your health as well as becoming more difficult and costly to treat the longer they go untreated.

Prior to the start of any work we carry out a survey of the impacted areas in order to ascertain the full extent of the damage. This allows us to identify and treat any hidden structural or damp related damage before cosmetic repair and restoration works commence.

Our team comprises specialists in a wide number of trades and we have the expertise to complete a full range of repair and restoration works. Your property is always in good hands with Image Construction.

Flood Restoration Company Berkshire, Surrey, London, Kent & Hampshire

If you require an insurance approved flood restoration company to provide any type of water damage repair services, Image Construction is the solution.

We are committed to delivering a professional service of the highest standards at all times, bringing your property swiftly back to its former glory.

Get in touch with us to learn how our insurance property repair can meet your repair and restoration needs.

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